A BlockChain loyalty token hyperledger for the FanLogic network

FanBlock.io will be building a loyalty token to track and reward user actions on the FanLogic.com network. The loyalty blockchain will be funded from a percentage of fees brands pay FanLogic for customer acquisition and engagment. Tokens will be redeemable with all brands utilizing our network and can also be used as currency on our future online gaming site for chances to increase rewards for higher redemption. When users convert tokens we will have an affiliate clearing site set up with the brands so we receive a percentage of any additional spend by the user. Part of this remuneration from the brand will help fund the tokens and provide ROI to the brand.

Integrating Blockchain overlay

The FanBlock.io management team, after deep analysis with a focus on hyperledger, has brought on Blockchain Expert, Sandeep Sangli, to our advisory board to guide management of user actions and loyalty programs. The FanLogic network will add a peer to peer exchange platform where users can trade with other users’ gift cards, airline points, coupons and loyalty points. When a user redeems tokens, FanLogic will earn affiliate income from brands for conversion. The viral sharing of coupons and points will also be a key component of this network. The network will continually grow and allow us to offer brands even more exposure to consumers and their data, thereby saving brands costs and improving their bottom line.

A New Kind of Loyalty

Blockchain is a public ledger where transactions are recorded and confirmed anonymously. It’s a record of events that is shared between many parties. More importantly, once information is entered, it cannot be altered. Tokenization is the currency used within a specific blockchain. By using tokens FanLogic can reward users, users can trade goods, users can spend tokens to play games within the FanLogic network or buy items.

Presentation Deck

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